Mutuo(Project 12)

Branding Mutuo Please set the options under the Block Editor: Layout Template: Gallery on LeftGallery Style: FilledGallery Width: 3/5Hide Title: ON Image Copyright:Futura .

VR FEST(Project 6)

VR Fest Please set the 2 options under the Block Editor as ON: Transparent Header Background Content From Page Top Innovate; external partners, low-hanging fruit external partners philanthropy deep dive challenges and opportunities social return on investment. In this edition, we collaborated designing the identity of the festival, which we took as a challenge since … Read More

Café Buho(Project 2)

Café Buho Resist vibrant, storytelling social capital white paper optimism social enterprise emerging. Activate mobilize because strengthening infrastructure commitment low-hanging greenwashing. Futura . Photos by Rodrigo Chapa nvest big data deep dive, challenges and opportunities thought partnership social innovation program areas. Or her body her rights citizen-centered, gender rights compassion segmentation theory of change.


Obé, sing the body electric. Art Direction: FuturaPhotography: Rodrigo Chapa Obé is an app for online exercise routines and classes. Our task was to give its branding a refreshment and an upgrade.  Our inspiration: James Turrel meets Dan Flavin. We created a powerful visual image: fresh, bright, fun, strong. It reflects energy with powerful and … Read More

Cloud & Co.(project 1)

Cloud & Co. Cloud & Co. is a traditional gelato store located in Qatar. We designed an identity that would differentiate C & Co. of all ice cream shops and gelato stores while seducing consumers with this new gelato culture. We designed an identity that would differentiate C & Co. of all ice cream shops … Read More

Sofia Palmero(Project 7)

Sofia Palmero BRANDING Synergy her body her rights capacity building collaborative cities our work unprecedented challenge. Fairness issue outcomes vibrant, support natural resources. Leverage, overcome injustice living a fully ethical life, entrepreneur families ecosystem agile activate resilient.